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Some websites can be down right confusing to use. Poor planning and bad thinking lead to sites that are tangled messes. We truly hope that our site does not fall in to that category. To help you out, we provide this section of general suggestions and help in using

If you have suggestions for how we can make this site better serve you, or if you have questions or concerns, please send email to or use our Response Form.


If you are new to our site, welcome! First, we suggest you check out our Welcome Page: this page provides an overview of our site as well as a welcome from Gayla, your roaster.




We searched for a long time to find something that was easy to use, both for you and for us. We think that we have finally found the right solution, but we understand if you need some help. So, here’s how to use the store in three easy steps:

Step 1. Go to the store.
This one should be the easiest part. There are links to the store liberally applied throughout our entire site. Clicking on one of the “Add to Cart” buttons, one of the “Online Store” text links, or one of those cute little shopping carts in the top right of the page should take you to the store.

Step 2. Fill your cart.
Once at the store, you will be offered a menu of our products. We have tried to duplicate the groupings just as they are on the site. Your actual shopping cart, and everything in it will show up on the left. Fill that bad boy up!

Step 3. Check Out.
Once you have filled up your cart, hit the big “Check Out” button. You will be asked to either log in as a returning customer, or create a new account if this is your first time shopping with us online. Once you have created an account, it will be that much easier on your next visit. And we will never share your information with anyone else.

Some things to keep in mind…
To provide you with the best possible service, our Store requires that you use cookies. Don’t worry, ours will go away as soon as you quit your browser. Our store also uses frames to display both the store and the shopping cart at the same time. If your browser doesn’t support frames, please use one of the other ordering methods listed here.

If you are still having problems with the store, or if you have a question we haven’t covered here, please let us know.


Hey, either we’re doing something right, or no one is telling us how bad we are. Either way, we don’t have anything to put here. If YOU don’t like something, or just have a question about our site, please let us know. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by.

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