A Message about who we are

We are a small batch artisan coffee roaster, that roasts and flavors only on order for both wholesale and on-line retail customers. We roast only high quality estate single-origin , organic and fair sustainable relationship coffee’s selecting the optimum roast style for each, whether dark, medium or light, and work closely with wholesale customers to develop proprietary blends. In our efforts to give back to the coffee community we’re proud to be a Certified Organic coffee roasting company. We are certified organic by the CCOF: California Certified Organic Farmers. We buy organic and roast in accordance with the USDA and CCOF regulations. We take great care to roast each bean to its full potential through sight, sound and smell.

Our business continues to developed in several different directions, private labeling, wholesale to wholesalers, wholesale to retailer, special wine and coffee projects and our on-line store. And, as always, we’d like to thank all of you for helping Moore Coffee & Tea be the best it can be.

Coffee bean selection is based on knowledge and a seasoned palate. Harvesting, sorting, processing, altitude, climate, geography, season; each plays a part in determining the quality of coffee. In selecting a coffee from a country, we cup dozens of coffees from specific estates for their richness and flavor. We primarily roast estate grown coffee, because plantation or estate farmers have a passion that we follow to the cup. These coffees are grown without the use of pesticides and are cultivated and cared for by hand so that each crop represents the very best of its kind.

Because of our exacting standards, we won’t always have the large selection of varietals that you may see other places. We would rather recommend a different coffee to a customer instead of supplying them with a coffee that we know is inferior. If you don’t see a coffee you are looking for, let us know. We may be able to suggest an alternative or let you know when we will be able to get it.

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