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What we do with any information you submit to us.
At Moore Coffee & Tea, we realize that privacy is a big concern with Internet users. The Internet is a powerful tool for distributing information around the globe. However, there is some information that we’d rather not give out to people. This section lists our current privacy policy and explains how we treat the information you submit to us.

If, after reading through all of this, you still have any questions or concerns, please send email to or use our Response Form.


MOORECOFFEE.COM collects personally identifying information only when (i) users submit responses via our Response Form (ii) users place an order. MOORECOFFEE.COM may use such information to fulfill orders or prizes, or for editorial and feedback purposes (to the extent that is explained when users provide the information). In any and all of the preceeding instances, such submissions are completely voluntary on the part of the user: MOORECOFFEE.COM does not require any submission of identifying information for viewing any portion of its website. In no case is any identifying information about any of our users ever shared with any third party. In the event MOORECOFFEE.COM plans to post any such information on its site, users are provided prior notification of such posting., Or, An Introduction to Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server whenever you log on to that server. For most ISPs, this number changes each time you log on. However, most corporations and other networked computers use “static” IP addresses: each computer on a particular network is assigned an IP address that does not change regardless of when that computer logs on to the server. For more information on your particular IP address, contact either your ISP or your System Administrator. collects IP addresses for the purposes of system administration and to track traffic on various parts of its site. When users request pages from MOORECOFFEE.COM, our servers log their IP addresses. This is a standard practice on virtually every server on the Internet today. We do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable. This means that a user’s session will be logged, but the user remains anonymous to us. Below is an example of a log file entry. This information consists of the following:

Log Example

  1. The IP Address of the server requesting the page.
  2. The time and date.
  3. The page requested. Here, the page is the Moore Coffee & Tea front door.
  4. The “Referrer” or the place the user was just at. In the example, this is CNET.
  5. The “User Agent”, or the browser and platform. In the example, the browser is Netscape Navigator 4.08 and the platform is a Power Macintosh.

When a user submits a form to us, the following information is also collected: Remote Host Name, or the name of the server submitting the form; the IP address of the server submitting the form; the Remote User Name (if supported); and the HTTP User Agent, or the type of browser the user is using and the platform that browser is running on. This information is used by MOORECOFFEE.COM to help us validate the authenticity of forms, as well as to help us in planning content, layout, design, and other browser-dependent variables.
Cookies? You mean like biscotti?
Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a user’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are supposed to make Web-surfing easier for you by saving your passwords, purchases, and preferences while you’re at a site. Large corporations have been attempting to make the use of cookies an industry standard since the technology was developed.

At their most intrusive, cookies can retain your personal information, allowing the website that sent the cookie to track your movements within their site as well as know when and how often you return. The concerns regarding cookie usage stem from the supposed ability of unauthorized parties to retrieve this information from your computer, thus gaining access to the personal information contained therein. However, without additional input from you, a cookie can only know as much about you as your web browser knows: your Host Name, IP Address, HTTP User Agent, and possibly your user name and email address. Also, due in part to the concern most users have regarding cookies and their usage, most cookies “expire”: they are purged by the web browser after a certain time.

If you have concerns over cookies and their use, you can set your web browser to either warn you before accepting a cookie or to not accept them at all. Not accepting cookies can impair your ability to use certain sites, however you can always just accept cookies for those sites.

To provide the best possible service to you, our Online Store requires you to accept cookies. These cookies allow us to track your individual session in the store and are set to expire when you quit your browser.

Why we think SPAM is bad for you.
SPAM is another term for unsolicited email. Often compared to the more traditional “junk mail”, SPAM is a lot more damaging and expensive than junk email ever was. And most of this expense is spread out among the people who actually use the Internet, rather than on the people who generate this unwanted email. SPAM wastes bandwidth, system resources, time and money all the way from the originator’s ISP to your own, possibly affecting hundreds of systems. In addition to advertising legally dubious products and services, the people who generate this email are notorious for such questionable activity as falsifying addresses, “stealing” email addresses, and working through phoney aliases.

Fight Spam - Join CAUCEA number of suggestions and several pieces of legislation have been proposed to help eliminate this waste of resources. If you would like more information, or if you would like to see how you can help, please visit CAUCE.

By using this site, you signify your assent to the MOORECOFFEE.COM Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use the site. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of MOORECOFFEE.COM following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. You can send email to us with any further questions.

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