Papua New Guinea Peaberry Coffee

 Balanced, complex , caramel, chocolate undertones with a long spicy sweet finish.

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El Salvador Natural Los Andes

Our Coffee is socially responsible, Finca Sabanetas

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Kochere Coffee


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Costa Rican La Minita Coffee

Elegant, with notes of chocolate and a sweet finish

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Kenya Nyeri Kiaguthu Peaberry Coffee

Savory, dry citric acidity, brown sugar ,plum, honey sweet

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Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry

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Balance of floral sweetness with earthy character and a milk chocolate marshmallow-like body .

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Premium Flavored Coffee

WE only roast and flavor on order.

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Moore Coffee and Tea is a premium organic coffee  roaster.  We roast premium coffee in small batches, ensuring that every type of coffee that we sell is developed to its highest degree of flavor and potential.

Our Private Reserve Coffee

Roasters Reserve

Coffee’s offered here  are very special and limited. Our roast profile for these coffee offering range from medium light  to  a medium roast.  We watch and listen to the beans to bring out the best that each origin has to offer.

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Our Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

Certified  USDA Organic,  we are proud to bring you socially responsible  coffee from around the world.  Our farmers use the best  environmentally friendly methods.  Each batch of  coffee is freshly roasted, packaged and shipped for freshness. Buy our Best Organic Coffee!

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Our Home Roasting page

Home Roasting

Home coffee roasting has been a growing trend to and is increasing.   In his classic Home Coffee Roasting, James Beard Award nominated Kenneth Davids reveals the secrets to simple, quality home roasting.  Buy our Best green coffee offering!

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New Arrivals

Community & Friends

Shigys Bike Works  Ventura, CA

Shigys Bike Works Ventura, CA

Shigys Bike Works , a high end Ventura bike shop. Shigy is the Man! A great mechanic, his shop is small but it is chock-full of accessories, snacks, and even just-roasted Shigy Beans coffee. If Shigy doesn’t have something in stock, he can get it for you fast. I would recommend Shigy’s shop to any bicycle rider. He’s a pro and he will not let you down. Go... read more

Moore News

Coffee Trivia

*  Brazil produced a postal stamp that smelled like coffee in December of 2001. It was designed to promote their coffee and the smell is supposed to last for up to 5 years. *  Coffee grounds sprinkled on the ground around plants and the garden will stop snails and slugs from eating the plants. *  Oil is the most widely used commodity in the world, coffee is next in line. *  Water is the only beverage more popular than coffee. *  The average coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee per... read more

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